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Beautiful Wine Country

Towns of the Austro-Hungarian Borderlands


The town whose hospitality you could enjoy during your dental treatment is situated in a most accessible part of Hungary. Mosonmagyaróvár is located in the middle of Europe; about 80 km away from Vienna. The Hungarian capital, Budapest can also be easily accessed from the highway. Mosonmagyaróvár stretches on the banks of the Moson-Danube and the Leitha, on highway M1, near Budapest-Hegyeshalom railway line. It is 15 minutes away from the Austrian and Slovakian borders.

In the borderlands of North-West Hungary dental tourism has great traditions. Many people travel here for dental care; not only from inside the borders but also from numerous western European countries, or even from overseas. We may claim with good reason that Mosonmagyaróvár is one of the strongholds of Hungarian dental tourism, which can be attributed to its excellent accessibility, convenient geographical location as well as the hospitality of the locals.

The residents of Mosonmagyaróvár are attentive and friendly, and they always receive guests with kindness. If you need directions, want to find a good restaurant in town, or if you would like to know what sights are worth visiting, you can turn to the locals with confidence.

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