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The Celts

were the first

to establish vine growing in the region


The county seat of Tolna County is famous for both its architectural heritage and its wine culture. Belonging to the city, the Gemenc Forest is a nature reserve of national significance.

On Bogyiszló Street close to the centre of the old town an Avar cemetery with 800 graves was excavated, the final resting place of potters. In the vicinity plentiful heritage from the Celts, as well as of soldiers and citizens from the Roman period, has been discovered.

A Roman guard tower stood on Bartina Hill, today known as Calvary Hill. Towards the end of the 19th century Roman and Turkish graves were discovered here. At the beginning of the 20th century even an altar tablet pertaining to the Sun God came to light.

Szekszárd has been the county seat of Tolna County since 1779.

Belonging to Szekszárd, the Gemenc Forest is a recreational belt famous for its game population. The landscape we see today is the result of the drainage of swamps and the regulation of the rivers Danube, Sió and Sárvíz. The Gemenc Forest, a remaining floodplain of the Danube has been a nature reserve of national significance since 1977.

Garay Experience Cellar

With a glass of wine in your hand you can tour the cellar complex built in the middle ages at the Garay Cellar Experience. During the interactive wine tour you can discover the culture of wine through flavor, touch, arts and science.

House of Arts

The former synagogue houses the House of Arts; it hosts high standard exhibitions and concerts.

Ethnographic Collection

The building is a piece of folk architecture that accommodates a private collection of the ethnographic values of the Sárköz area, including the living space of the Sárköz folks, the tools of their everyday lives, a wine pressing house and a cellar.

Wosinsky Mór County Museum

In the thematic rooms of the museum visitors get to know the history of Tolna County interactively with the help of pictures. Permanent exhibitions: Milleniums of Tolna County from the Paleolithic Era until the Settlement of the Magyars in Hungary, Our Heritage – Centuries of Tolna County, Vivificated Pictures- A Small Town at the Turn of the Century.

County Hall

The ruins of a Benedictine monastery founded and built by King Béla I can be seen in the inner courtyard of the classicist style building designed by Mihály Pollák. The building of the Old County Hall renovated in 2011 houses a XIX. century knowledge database, a historical playhouse and permanent exhibitions (Sarcophagus Room, The Medieval Abbey of Szekszárd, World of the Old County Hall, Franz Liszt Memorial Exhibition, Esze Tamás Collection).

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