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 VitalEurope offers free, no-obligation consultations in our state-of-the-art, modern clinic in Budapest – one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Having your treatment in Budapest gives you the chance to combine dental work with a holiday, weekend get-away or visit to a resort spa, you will be pampered with personal attention here! They dental team is dedicated to providing you with the very best quality in all aspects of dental care, within a friendly and caring environment.

Our Global Dental Partner Clinic is a newly built state-of-the-art Dental Surgery Centre located on the Buda side of the city, offering a complete range of dental treatment from operative dentistry and placing dental implants through preservative and prosthetic dentistry to orthodontic treatment.

It’s a luxurious and relaxing environment that provides spacious, air-conditioned waiting rooms with Internet access and well-equipped treatment rooms manned by highly-qualified dentists.

This clinic is proud of the high-tech treatment it can offer. From CT, professional polishing and long-lasting tooth-whitening to advanced endodontic methods using the latest instruments and extremely precise preparation of teeth with the aid of microscopes.

Radio photography is done in the clinic – either by CT scan that produces full 3D reconstruction in less than 20 seconds or by digital intra-oral and panoramic X-ray photographs stored on.

Expertly made dental products

British, German and Swiss dental practices all agree: our products and service are second to none. Our Partner Clinic in Budapest manufactures a complete range of metal-fused and metal-free crowns, bridges and other prosthetic restorations of exceptional quality.

They are as good as the Swiss

Our Partner Clinic in Budapest strive for perfection in all we do; for unrivaled accuracy and the highest possible quality. All materials used in they laboratory are sourced from reputable manufacturers in Austria, Germany and Japan, and are of the highest quality.

Award-winning lab technicians

High-tech facilities and highly skilled workmanship enable them to deliver excellent results and great care is taken to select our technicians and ensure top-quality results. Every case is handled from start to finish by an award-winning team of skilled professionals.

97% of VitalEurope’s customers are more than happy to recommend them, confident that their smiles say it all!

VitalEurope also come highly recommended by the Global Clinic Rating project. As a GCR Accredited clinic, VitalEurope meets the highest medical standards and our Budapest clinic is in the top 1% of 130,000 GCR-rated clinics in the world.


Our Clinic


VitalEurope provides a minimum 3-year guarantee on medical treatment and restorations. Simply contact our customer service staff to arrange a visit to one of our clinics in the unlikely case that you have issues with your treatment or restorations.

At our VitalEurope Partner Clinic the implants  are covered by a lifetime guarantee against material defects. In the unlikely event of a failed dental implant, it will replaced with another of the same type at no additional cost.

Address: 1113 Budapest, Nagyszőlős u. 11-15

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