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Project Description

Conservative dentistry

This field of dentistry deals with saving existing teeth and repairing their damaged parts. It includes treatments from the filling of small cavities to root canal treatment.

Toothache is a result of stimulus on nerves in the pulp and in the root canal membrane, it can be one of the most unbearable pains. It can vary from a weak, dull pain on side of the face to an intolerable, torturous, shooting pain. In some cases a cavity is causing the pain by reaching the pulp. With the progression of the cavity the pulp becomes diseased as well and the inflammation may reach the root canal membrane.

Apparently healthy teeth may also be sensitive to heat or chemical (sweet food) stimuli. As in this case the surface between teeth develop cavities or the retraction of the gum leads to dental neck (dental cervix) sensibility.  In such cases the restoration of the tooth surface eliminates the pain.

There are grooves on the chewing surface of premolars and molars. By sealing them in childhood, future caries may be prevented. Sometimes the grooves of erupted permanent teeth are not sealed in time, so the tooth – through no fault of its owner – develops a cavity. In this case replacing the cavity parts with a filling material can stop further spreading of caries.

Dental caries is the most frequent dental disease. It may develop on the chewing surface (in case of  disadvantageous anatomy) or on the surfaces facing each other. After cleaning the area of the caries, with the placement of a filling, the further spread of the cavity can be stopped. When preparing the filling, we also strive for a tooth which is smooth, easy to clean and to prevent the onset of a new cavity.

Meeting the high aesthetic expectations we use metal-free filling materials. We restore caries, treat broken or cracked teeth and other problems with aesthetic fillings and state-of-the-art materials.

For large gaps between teeth which are used for chewing we recommend using an insert (inlay) prepared by the dental technician. It’s with ceramic veneer that we replace front teeth and undo teeth discoloration.

Root canal treatment serves for saving teeth; avoiding tooth extraction.

If large cavities are formed on the surface of the tooth, in some cases the pulp chamber might be involved as well.  This is the part of the tooth where the supplying vessels and nerves are located. If a bacterial infection damages it, the tooth can die accompanied by severe pain, yet sometimes asymptomatic. In this case the residual pulp tissue is completely removed, rinsed with antibacterial solutions, the channel system is explored and dissected by mechanical means. This is followed by a root filling, which is not always performed at the same time. In our clinic we use state-of-the-art mechanical root canal treating devices for the perfect, long lasting result.

In many cases patients complain about having severe pain during previous root canal treatment. At Global Dental we provide our patients with an anesthetic technique which helps to experience the least sensitivity during treatment.

Root canal treatment ends with a root canal filling. The perfect filling fills the root canal completely by reaching the apex.  The filling material is put in the channel in a soft, dissolved state and then it hardens.

With the root canal treatment the tooth can be saved and able to chew again.


  • Perfect aesthetic results
  • Correction of shape and teeth
  • Durable and no surgery necessary
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